Cool Roofing

Craftsman house roof top terrace with living area

Would You Like Cool Roof Installation?

Cool roofs have the dynamic quality of being able to reflect the sun’s energy, thereby reducing the overall rooftop temperature. For all parts of the country, this can cause real energy savings. Your cool roof can reflect away the sun’s energy, unlike a traditional dark roof, which absorbs energy and transfers that heat into the rooms below. This means that your air conditioning system may be working overtime to combat the heat that is being absorbed into your building. If you would like a consultation for your cool roof installation in Midland and Odessa, TX, please give us a call at (432) 580-7993. Anyone of our team members would be happy to discuss your roofing benefits, and how we can help you reach your roofing goals.

Reflective Roof Installation for Your Commercial Property

There are significant energy usage savings that you could be making with a reflective roof installation. The overall benefits are measured depending on the shape of the roof, the chosen coating, and how energy-efficient the building already is. If your property is already very energy-efficient, a cool roof could take your energy-efficiency to a new level. A commercial roof in a hot climate that experiences days filled with sunshine and warmth can expect energy savings up to seventy percent. These roofs benefit office buildings, schools, churches, and more. And those energy savings can be put to use for investing in future projects.

Cool Roof Installation In Progress

Cool Roof Repair, Metal Roofing, and More

Our professional roofing company is very well-versed in creating roof solutions for a number of projects. We are also experienced in using a number of different materials. These materials include corrugated metal, spray foam, standing seam, and more. Whether you need cool roofing for your apartment building or hotel, we’ve got you covered. Since 2002, we’ve been implementing long-lasting roof solutions in Midland and Odessa, TX. We want to help you install or repair your roof. We will work with your budget and your timeline to create a satisfying effect. Please call us first at (432) 580-7993. Our roofing team is happy to help.

You need cool roofing in Midland and Odessa, TX from a roofing company that consistently delivers proven results. Call Texas Roof Systems at (432) 580-7993 to speak with our staff about making an appointment today!