Commercial Foam Roofing

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Do You Need Commercial Foam Roofing?

Sprayed foam roofing is one of the most innovative roofing materials the roofing industry has to offer. This material creates a single leak-proof monolithic barrier that both protects and insulates the surface of the roof. Spray foam roofs have the ability to be quite affordable while also being environmentally-friendly. Spray foam can actually be utilized in a number of different ways. These ways include building insulation, ductwork insulation, and roof system tie-ins. Our experts know how to perfectly apply commercial foam roofing in Midland and Odessa, TX. Are you interested? Give us a call at (432) 580-7993. We would be happy to speak with you about all of your roofing needs and advise you accordingly.

Foam Roof Application that Suits Your Roofing Needs

For roofs, the principal reason why roof leaks occur is through seams and penetrations. With spray foam roofing, this is far less likely to happen. Because spray foam roofing is applied as a liquid, it has the capacity to fill in gaps, seams, and cracks in the existing roof and substrate. Ponding water can be a huge problem for flat roofs specifically. During the application process, the roofer applying the foam has an opportunity to level out the roof in order to decrease the chance of ponding water. This gives spray foam roofing a great competitive edge against other types of roofing material that do not have this capacity.

Commercial Foam Roofing With Spray Gun

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Since 2002, customer satisfaction has been driving our roofing company. Every time our roofing contractors please a customer, we get the boost that lets us know all of our hard work was worth it. Not every roofing company has the drive, the power, and the skill to install a commercial or industrial roof. Be it metal, spray foam, or corrugated, we know what it means to install a roof well. In this industry, there is a right way to install a roof and a wrong way to install a roof. Please let us be the professionals that advise you on your commercial roofing needs. Never has it been easier to get in contact with us. Please give us a call at (432) 580-7993 to reach one of our team members.

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