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Your residential property comes with a lot of areas of concern. There is the foundation, the windows, door frames, and duct-work that you have to consider it can be easy to neglect one of the most important areas of your home. The roof is structurally and aesthetically important feature of your home. It is necessary to keep the elements and vermin out of your home. Additionally, the roof is necessary to protect the structure of your property. Without a reliable roof, you will face leaks, damages, an inefficient HVAC system, and many other problems. Instead of dealing with problem after problem, rely on Texas Roof Systems for help. We can work with you to complete general roofing maintenance as well as residential roof installation in Midland and Odessa, TX. Connect with us today by calling (432) 580-7993.

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When owning residential property, there will come a time when you will need a new roof. Roof repair services can only get you so far before your roof reaches the point of needing to be replaced. This can feel daunting for homeowners because roof installation services are expensive, time-consuming, and seemingly stressful. A majority of that stress can be removed when you work with Texas Roof Systems. We are a roofing company in your area that offers a specialized and particular focus on residential roofing. We can work with any material including asphalt shingles. Whether you need repairs, installation, replacement, or just general maintenance services, we are the team for you.

Benefits of Quality Roof Installation Services

Benefits of Quality Roof Installation Services

A reliable roof is only as good as two things: the quality of the material and the quality of the installation. When a roof is installed incorrectly, it can be subject to water leaks, ineffective air circulation, poor structural integrity and much more. Regardless if you have a commercial or a residential roof, dependable roof installation services are necessary and can offer several benefits. 

  • Energy Efficiency: Believe it or not, the roof over your head significantly impacts the efficiency of your HVAC. When properly installed, your system will be able to efficiently use and expend energy, which will reflect in your energy bills.
  • Safety: A roof that is properly installed will not only look better but will be structurally sound. It will not be at risk of damage or the potential of collapsing. Additionally, there is less chance of mold growth which can affect the health of those in the space.
  • Warranty: When a roof is installed, the services and the materials are often covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. That means that if something happens to your roof during a certain time frame, you will likely not have to pay for repairs because they are covered by the warranty.
  • Curb Appeal: If your roof has been installed correctly, you will see a higher return on investment (ROI). This is very important when it comes time to sell your home. More than that, a quality roof installation will simply look good and increase your curb appeal.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Choosing to work with Texas Roof Systems means that you are choosing quality. We are a team of professional and experienced roofers that you can rely on. Our business has been open since 2002, so we have seen just about everything. We understand that your home and your roof are an investment. Protect that by investing in quality roof repairs and maintenance. Why choose us? Because we are reliable. Our contractors offer consistent results for both residential and commercial roofing. We have 18 years of experience with just about every roofing system, structure, material, and type. Whatever you need, we can address it with speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Texas Roof Systems is dedicated. It has been our goal since day one to provide unbeatable services at competitive prices. We work hard to ensure you always have access to the very best in materials and services. Read through our client reviews to see what other homeowners just like yourself are saying about us. We know we can help you and work with you to provide the best residential roofing you’ve ever had.

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